Thursday, March 2, 2006


Did you know the new Blue Beetle is supposed to be from El Paso? That's right, a new character who's integral to the current "Crisis" storyline, who'll be getting his own title in late March, who's replacing a beloved and dramatically killed-off character, and whose name is JAIME FRIGGIN' REYES, will be from my hometown.

See that truck in the background of Panel 2? That's a Big 8 truck! Big 8 is an El Paso chain of grocery stores, and outside of Chico's Tacos you can't get more El Paso than Big 8.

Man, it sure would be great if I knew some journalist-types back in El Chuco who could maybe play with the idea of pitching a story idea to the lifestyle section. C'mon, it wouldn't be that hard and it would be fun. El Paso could be cool for once. C'mooooon! And it's not as if you can't track down the background information - one of the writers even has his own blog!

I'm just saying.

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