Thursday, April 23, 2009

Who will be back in 'Black?'

Free Comic Book Day is next week, and DC has been ramping up the PR machine by releasing some splash pages from Blackest Night #0. I'm fairly burned out on big "event" series and crossovers from both DC and Marvel, but the Green Lantern fan in me can't help but look forward to the big galactic Rainbow War that's being promised. Whether that promise is met or not is a whole other discussion, but for now I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Of course, one of the biggest questions revolves around the Black Lanterns, the so-called "Zombie Lanterns" led by Black Hand and a renegade Guardian whose mascara keeps running. Any character that is currently "dead" in the DCU is a potential Death Lantern, so there's been plenty of debate about just who will come crawling out of the grave. Aquaman looks like a sure bet, but there are still numerous candidates to choose from and this Doug Mahnke page (man, what a great artist) offers some clues.

I recognize Aquaman's glove there in the middle and ... nobody else. Many of the designs are right on the edge of my memory, but I can't put a finger on any. Like that blue and red cuff at the mid-right? I know I know that design, but my brain won't tell me. And I think the knitted blue sleeve directly opposite is supposed to be Earth-2 Superman, but I'm not sure.

Recognize (or think you recognize) any of the soon-to-be Black Lanterns sprouting from the earth? Give me your guess in the comments.


Scipio said...

In my magic mirror, I see:

the Earth2 Superman at far left
Ted Kord
the original Mirror Master
the Martian Manhunter

Dan said...

I think I also see Trickster and Terra.

Maxo said...

Scipio: Is Ted Kord the hand right next to Aquaman's? And yes, Martian Manhunter! I guess the non-green hand threw me off.

Dan: Terra! Damn, good eye!

Siskoid said...

BUt isn't Aquaman alive as per Final Crisis?

Ok, I officially declare FC out of continuity. You heard it here first.

Maxo said...

Hmmm ... good point. Is Blackest Night supposed to be before FC? After? Ugh - this is what happens when you have too many "events" going on at nearly the same time.

Siskoid said...

Well, Battle for the Cowl has to be post-FC right? Although his death there only doubles his death in RIP. I'm tellin' ya, FC is like All-Star Crisis. I didn't really happen.

Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

I want to see Jonah Hex in this thing. I mean, he's really dead!