Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Godspeed, Captain

I was saddened by the news this morning that Dom DeLuise died last night at the age of 75.

DeLuise was a fantastic comedic actor, especially when he was paired with longtime pal Burt Reynolds, and no where was this more apparent than in the road-race classic, The Cannonball Run. Playing a character with a split personality, DeLuise would go from spineless sidekick to Captain Chaos, a courageous superhero who appeared whenever the need arose. Chaos would often taking on whole gangs singlehandedly while crying out "Daan dan DANNNN!!", swooping down like happy-go-lucky vengeance itself.

It was just one hilarious bit in a fun and funny movie, but it was memorable and I'd be lying if I said it didn't inspire me to randomly leap on people shouting out the Captain's battle-cry.

Here's a clip from Cannonball Run, but I'd really recommend just renting the movie to truly soak in the glory:

- Thanks to Johnny Bacardi for being one of the first to mention the news.