Thursday, July 23, 2009

Does Google have a booth number?

So you might've heard there's this little get-together going on in San Diego right now, and in case you haven't — well, Google's here to help.

I thought this was kind of neat, actually, and I wouldn't mind seeing a larger version of it. I have to admit, though, to being surprised that Comic-Con got the kind of Google shout-out usually reserved for dead artists and major holidays. It's a nerd miracle!

EDIT to add: Whoops! I just saw Robot 6 beat me to it!


rob! said...

Where's Aquaman? :)

rob! said...

On a separate note, when will the media en masse stop calling it a "nerd fest" or "geek heaven"? When you've got a con that people like Tom Cruise feel compelled to attend, doesn't it deserve a smidgen more respect?

Maxo said...

Ha! And people are apparently upset that Superman wasn't included. But hey, he got his own "World of New Krypton" theme, so it seems a little silly. I'd bet an Aquaman theme would be kinda cool, actually!

I think the nerd fest/geek heaven/dorkgasm stuff will fade away when the nerds themselves stop using it. Actually, I think there are two sides to it; first, it lets us take control of the word and make it "empowering," and second, the mainstream media is still beating the whole "geek chic" drum and they'll pound it 'til it cries uncle.

I'd be curious to know if there is anything to the perceived caché, though. Do people who are not hardcore fans think it's suddenly cool to get in on this? Does it make it easier since it's now supposedly awesome to be a geek?

Dunno. But personally, the nerd fest thing bothers me mostly when it's used spitefully by people who also claim to be fans. The self-hate thing is tired, and it only serves to hold the medium back.

Huh - I have more of an opinion on it than I thought.

And hey, what the heck is Tom Cruise doing there?

Khairul H. said...

And hey, what the heck is Tom Cruise doing there?