Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wedded miss: Skipping Archie and Veronica's wedding

During an e-mail exchange earlier today, my buddy Kyle asked as an aside, "Incidentally, no thoughts on Archie's proposal to Veronica? I know it's just a publicity stunt that won't actually go anywhere, but still, where's the outrage, Betty-lover?"

Besides pointing out the fact that we've been friends long enough for Kyle to know I'm an avowed Betty man, the question also made me realize that I've completely ignored the whole thing about Archie getting married to Veronica. (The storyline begins in Archie #600, released today.) With that in mind, I thought I'd share my response:

"Well, the thing about the Archie proposal is that it's a lot of hooey. The story takes place 'in the future,' after the kids have graduated college, and once the Archie-marries-Veronica thing is over (three issues, I think?) they're going to do it all over again with Betty. Seriously.

"I guess it's just hard to get worked up about it when you know that in six months the whole thing's going to be wiped out when the curtain's pulled back to reveal Archie's still alive and in the shower with Jughead."

Actually, THAT is a story I'd like to see.


Mart said...

It is amazing that the story got so much media coverage when the company has been pretty open about it being an imaginary deal.

We used to have a very famous Archie Andrews in the UK. He was a ventriloquist's dummy. On the radio:

Maxo said...

I think it's an unfortunate case of the usual; media outlets doing superficial coverage, and the average person not paying much attention. But I try to look at it as people paying attention to comics, and Archie is something everyone recognizes.

Now, Archie the dummy ... THAT'S something I'll remember on every dark night for the rest of my life!

(Still, for being a radio personality he's quite the snappy dresser.)