Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why isn't the earth aflame?

Today marks my 40th of your "Earth years," and I'm pretty hyped about it. A big, meaty meal and The Wolfman are on the horizon, and the coming year (and years following that) promise to be full of Adventure and Interesting Things. I know middle-age is supposed to be some sort of soul-crushing mill stone rather than milestone, but I'm excited about the promise the Big 4-Oh will bring.

It's also possible I've finally snapped.

Either way, I'm glad I was around and more or less paying attention when the intoxicating scent of the Silver/Bronze Age gumbo was a-bubblin', because, brother, if that doesn't make you a comic book fan, nothing will.

I mean, check out what was on the stands in 1970:

Young Love!

All-Star Western!

Mutha-f'n Conan the Barbarian!

Astonishing Tales!

And of course, probably a personal favorite also debuted that year — witness the birth of:

Jack Kirby's Fourth World!

You know what that means? That's right; me and this guy are the same age:

Truly, the voice of a generation.


Scott said...

Yes, but are you the Rock and the Chain and the Lightning? Are you our New God now and forever?

rob! said...

H-B, Maxo! That's an amazing assortment of cool-ass comics!

Maxo said...

Scott: YES.

But in all honesty, Darkseid has aged better than I have.

Rob: Believe it or not, the Young Love cover is my favorite!

Patrick Joseph said...

Again, happy birthday.

By the way, you're older than Swamp Thing.

Mart said...

Hope you had a splendid birthday but . . . Pow Wow Smith, too stupid to live!

And what WAS Melanie Winters' secret? Baron Winters cross dressing?

Siskoid said...

A good year by all accounts. Your birth gave rise to the Bronze Age of comics.

I just done watched Dirty Harry (1971) this morning. You know, because I should only watch films as old as I am.

Maxo said...

Patrick: ARGH.

Mart: I don't know, but she's rocking those boots! Actually, it occurs to me that for a girl running blindly on a desperate trip, 20 miles isn't really very far.

Siskoid: Is it any wonder we turned out the way we did? I really feel lucky to have been the right age at the right time to just sort of soak in this golden age of pop culture.