Friday, March 5, 2010

Perry White for governor!

You may not know this if you don't live in Texas (and if the voting numbers here are anything to go by, maybe not even then), but the state recently had its primary elections for the governor's race. The winning Republican candidate was incumbent Gov. Rick Perry, and the Democratic nod went to former Houston mayor Bill White.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but some sharpie at the local TV station noticed something that went right over my head. Like, you might say, a speeding bullet.

Do you see it yet? White and Perry. Perry and White.



Holy crap!

Even more amazingly they decided to do a story about it, featuring both Dragon's Lair Comics and my own regular shop, Austin Books and Comics (where there's a party going on right now THAT I'M MISSING. See what I do for you? It's because I give and I give. I'm a giver.) They even interviewed Austin Books' own Brandon Zuern, raconteur, gadabout and the guy who introduced me to the wonder that is the film, A Boy and His Dog.

The news story is a little doofy and the definition of "slow news day," but I don't care because while it's ostensibly an election story, it's really all about Perry White. Check it out:

Honestly — and given the name for this blog, you might've guessed this by now — it's nice to see my favorite comic book newspaper editor get some much-deserved attention. And why shouldn't he? Perry White is a stalwart of the DCU, not to mention Metropolis. Tirelessly covering events in a town where it's always a good news day, often uncovering the scoops himself, and probably one of the few people to figure out Superman's secret identity (oh, c'mon, OF COURSE he knows), Perry is the consumate newsman and a bedrock of that great metropolitan newspaper known as the Daily Planet.

Yay for Perry White!


Brandon Zuern said...

I'm going to glow all day because of the way you described me.

Also, because you spelled my name correctly... unlike a certain news station for whom I spelled my name. Twice.

Talk about journalistic integrity.

Dom said...

The Dragon's Lair Comics guy, Allan has amazing hair...classy goatee, as well.

Maxo said...

Brandon: Ha ha! Yeah, I noticed! Perry White would've eaten them alive for something like that.

Dom: I used to sport a stylish goatee myself, but then it annexed the rest of my face until it was a full beard. I'm pretty sure I'll end up looking like Cousin It someday.

Kyle said...

Sweet, "Perry White" hadn't occurred to me. I have, though, been trying to plot a way to get "Perry, White can't get enough of your votes, babe" in a headline.

(Incidentally, the reporter on that story started out in El Paso ... apropos of nothing, really. Just thought I'd drop a little tangential info on ya.)

Maxo said...

Or how about, "Perry, White never, never gonna give it up (sub: Candidates 'never, never gonna stop')."

Ha ha! And you did see that they misspelled Brandon's last name, right? I'm going to guess he was at KDBC.