Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Que casualidad!

Hey, it's Cinco de Mayo! In the United States it means a day of celebration, a time to put on hokey fake mustaches and giant sombreros while downing nachos and drinking Dos Equis. In Mexico, it means ... well, not a lot, really. Mexicans acknowledge the day outnumbered and out-equipped soldiers pushed back French invaders in Puebla, but they don't make a big deal out of it.

Ha ha! Silly gringos!

Aaaanyway, I'm a big fan of Mexican comics, so in celebration of Cinco de Mayo I give you the covers to five comics that were actually published in Mexico. And not a luchador in the bunch!

Kalimán! A mysterious guru with incredible mind-over-matter powers who is also a master of martial arts, science and the arts. A man of peace who nonetheless kicks much ass on a regular basis.


Brujerias was a blackly comedic comic with horror trappings, right down to the host's name, "Hermelinda Linda," which translates to "Pretty Hermelinda." Terrifying.

The Invisible Guardian is ... well, an invisible man. Who fights things like living skeletons. And who, if you can trust the outline, has perfect hair. He is awesome.

I just want to point out that, as far as I can tell, this was way before Return of the Jedi. Also — thank you, Mexico.


Alright, alright — here's a panel showing El Santo about to punch out a hippo. I'm not made of stone, people!


Scott said...

Something's wrong... I'm no longer able to close my eyes...

B. E. said...
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B. E. said...

Debt? We ain't paying no stinking debts! Sorry, just learned the history of the battle and have to say, I'm going to take Cinco de Mayo to heart when the credit card companies come calling!

OMG that Starman cover does things to me that are probably illegal. HOLY MOLY THAT'S A HOT STUFF! The Brujeria comic makes me think of the completely unrelated but equally awesome metal band.

rob! said...

I need to own that Starman book. I simply do.

Maxo said...

Scott: You've been awesomed! You can't look away!

B.E.: I know, it always cracks me up that the whole thing started because Mexico basically took an "Office Space" approach to paying bills and decided it wasn't going to do that anymore. And yeah, that Starman cover ... it's a thing of beauty.

Rob: You and me both!