Thursday, December 14, 2006


Why are you so addicting, Boneless Spidey? Why?!?

Er ... there'll be some real content here soon. Really. Shut up.


Kyle said...

I know it's the wrong kind of comic news, but how's this for some content, my friend? Starting Jan. 1, the Times is going to start running "Get Fuzzy." Sweet, huh? It was the greatest coup of my decade-long career. Too bad "FoxTrot" had to die to make it happen.

L’il E said...

Gee, thanks pal, just what I needed, another distraction to keep me from doing what I SHOULD be doing but really, really, really don't WANT to do...If I don't see a certain post up here soon there is going to be some hades to pay pally. ;-p

Maxo said...

Kylito!: How are you guys doing?!? How's Milo? We're really excited to see all of you, so of course the time from now to then is dragging.

"Get Fuzzy" is one of my favorite daily strips - it is a coup that you managed to get that in the paper. But seriously - you couldn't kill "Family Circus?"

Aw, what am I saying ... no one can kill "Family Circus."


Kyle said...

Well, I didn't kill "FoxTrot." The author did. Although even if it had been me pulling the trigger, "Family Circus" would be like No. 3 or 4 on my list. It's too old to even be expected to be funny. You might as well look to "Mary Worth" for your yucks. Nope, No. 1 is "Baldo" for me. That's so new it's got no excuses for being so utterly lacking in humor. But it's the stereotypical portrayal of Hispanics that newspaper editors so readily mistook for multiculturalism that really chaps my ass. "The man character likes lowriders and his grandmother cooks with weird parts of the chicken? That's a great way to reach the Hispanic market!" Jackasses.