Friday, December 29, 2006

On a Marvel schedule

Um ... hi there.

Sorry about the lack of content, but a combination of vacation travel and access to just a dial-up connection has pretty much kept me from blogging on a regular basis.

Seriously, I have a couple of things just waiting as drafts - a Favorite Panel Friday (it was from Union Jack #4), and a Pull-List for this week - but a photo got lost somehow, and that dial-up is making me look like a hillbilly, not to mention I think I'm a little logey from too much home-cooking.

Anyway, things will be back on track after Jan. 1 - in the meantime, how 'bout that Civil War, huh?

1 comment:

L’il E said...

What's up Quesada? Want us to cry you a little low-bandwidth river ;-p (I guess that would be more of a trickling um brook maybe? Possibly a rivulet?).