Saturday, February 3, 2007


I've been spending a disturbing amount of time thinking about Captain Marvel lately.

Now I've been a fan of of the corny Captain for a long time, ever since I first started watching his Winnebago-powered adventures on Saturday morning-television (even though I was often wishing they'd speed it up and get to Isis already). But being a fan of Captain Marvel means you're going to have questions, especially if you've been mainlining your recently acquired copy of Showcase Presents Shazam!

Why doesn't anyone notice Billy just got struck by lightning?

Is Captain Marvel a grown-up version of Billy, or someone else altogether?

If Marvel is just an adult Billy, how much of a dick is he for referring to himself in the third-person all the time?

And what the hell is this?!?





I mean, seriously ... Pittsburgh?

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L’il E said...

I think hill marvel is the best. I especially love that he's in a recording session rather than boinking his sister, or do you think the "recording session" is a euphamism?

Wicked awesome post dood.