Monday, February 12, 2007

Giving up the Ghost

Ghost Rider, the latest in an apparently now-trendy line of superhero movies, is due to open Feb 16 and I have to tell you ... I'm pretty excited.

Ha! I kid! Actually, I can't stay far enough away from what already looks like a terrible movie that somehow manages to completely miss the core mechanics of what makes the character work (mostly) in comics.

Truthfully, it makes me a little sad. I remember watching a Spider-Man TV series that was awful - the webbing looked like clothesline and the eye-lenses could have been made from a colander - and I loved it. I own the Roger Corman version of The Fantastic Four, for the love of Aunt Petunia!

I'm an enormous fan of the Spider-Man movies, too, and I thought Superman Returns was everything it should have been.

But I've only seen the first X-Men movie. I haven't seen Hulk (though I loved the show). I haven't seen Fantastic Four (and I'm not really convinced I need to see Rise of the Silver Surfer). I haven't seen Daredevil. I haven't seen Elektra.

And I'm not going to see Ghost Rider.

Which brings me to a question: Why not? What is it that makes some movies - even the "bad" ones - so much fun to watch?

What makes a superhero movie good?


L’il E said...

I think it is based on the Ennis Ghost Rider, so that should explain a lot. I KNOW he wrote the video game script. I THINK he may have worked on the movie script too. I think I'm still gonna see it just for jollies tho, knowing well in advance that it is going to suck raw eggs.

Vampos Vulgar said...

Sweet baby Jesus, wherever did you get a copy of the original orange-foam covered Fantastic Four flick..?

Maxo said...

E: The reviews are out now, and they mostly confirm what I was afraid of - a metric-ton of crappiness. The puns are apparently at Schwarzeneggerian levels; I just don't think I could take it. If you see it, you'll have to tell me about The Pain.

Tom: I wonder ...

Lisa said...

You should see the second X-Men movie but not the third. Hulk I also still haven't seen and I'd say skip FF but I know some liked it. Oh and Daredevil was pretty darn mediocre, I assume Elektra was as well.