Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Class warfare

It might be hard to tell from the general superheroy-ness of this blog, but I'm actually a big fan of the manga, too. The stories and characterizations tend to be deeper, concepts are inventive and - let's admit it - in the action titles the violence is both brutal and plentiful.

And really, isn't that what today is all about?

One of my recent favorites from the manga shelf is Pantheon High, a new addition to the "global" manga field written by fellow Austinite and all-around nice guy Paul Benjamin, with art by Steven and Megumi Cummings. Lots of action, an interesting plot, and characters that I ended up caring about way more than I thought I would have me waiting (a bit impatiently, I might add) for the next installment.

Pantheon High takes place at a school for the children of the world's ancient gods, creating a classroom setting that's a mish-mash of cultures and personalities. Of course, the gods weren't always known for their benevolence, and their kids don't fall far from the tree. A world-ending plot starts to unfold at this demigod Degrassi, which is a little amazing considering these guys still act like typical teens.

Case in point? Check out Fadil, the street-talkin' son of the not-so-nice Egyptian god Set. Fadil might act as if he's from the barrio, but ...

Besides, tough talk will only get you so far - especially when you're talking smack to Grace, one of the kids trying to put the kibosh on your little plan. Did I mention Grace is the daughter of Tyr, the Norse god of war?

Oh, snap!

Bahlactus is calling you out.

Images from Pantheon High Vol. 1


Lisa said...

Oh blort. "What up, dawg?" Really? Blort again.

Maxo said...

Klaatu verata nikto?

The funny thing is, I think you'd like this manga - it's a lot of fun. And in this scene Grace is mocking Fadil and his pseudo-street talk, which at that point in the book he totally deserves. Don't be bitter just because you're an old maid.

Wanna borrow it? I can lend it to you when I bring you Gutsville.

Lisa said...

I've tried several mangas now and so far they're all just... stupid. I can't stand the crazy faces and they can't be serious for more than 2 seconds, comedy or not. I'd like to think there's good ones out there but I continue to be disappointed. So: blort.

And Mail was so incredibly not scary!

But I'm glad to know she was at least making fun of him.

Maxo said...

Mail? I haven't read that one, but if you want weirdo horror you've to read Gyo, and Planetes is a great drama title.

Are you getting all your manga recommendations from the two people I think you are?

Lisa said...

That's where I got Mail from. Bryan recommended Return to Labyrinth but he hadn't read it, he just figured I'd be a Labyrinth person. I read Lodoss War (or whatever that is) because Brandon ended up with it from work. I started to read some Wolf Rain one time per Karen from Alliance's recommendation but didn't get past the first few pages... I can't think of what (if anything) else I've read at the moment.

A lot of what kills it for me is the art. I despise the manga art style (especially the wacky transformations they go through when nervous or something). I don't know why I can put up with it in anime sometimes though. You'd think they'd go hand in hand.