Monday, June 18, 2007

When there's a comic with 'Hulk' in the title ...

If I'm going to pick up a comic book featuring the Hulk, there are a few things I expect to see. Namely, things and/or people getting the living hell beat out of them. I'm not a big Marvel fan these days but Banner's alter ego has always been a favorite, so imagine how I felt when I read World War Hulk #1 and saw:

The Hulk standing on a spaceship, PUNCHING ASTEROIDS

The Hulk shrugging off a missile attack and PUNCHING IRON MAN

The Hulk standing in the ruins of Avengers Tower (and Tony Stark),
ready for MORE PUNCHING!

Thanks, Marvel. I'm not going to buy all those crossovers, but this title makes the cut. Now just keep up with the beat-downs, stop making everyone say "smash" and we'll be good.

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