Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Pull-list: 7-11-07

Is it just me, or does it drive you crazy knowing that the week's comics are usually already sitting in your favorite shop on Tuesday night - hot, fresh and ready to go - but you still have to wait one more day? Oh, well - I guess we'll have to satisfy ourselves by looking at the menu instead: On to the list!

Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen #1: No matter what political stripe you may be, I think we can all agree Stephen Colbert is not only a really funny guy, but he's also an enormous geek. He makes regular Lord of the Rings references, asssigns D&D stats to various situations and has a Captain America shield on his wall of honor. Normally I worry when celebrities decide to indulge in vanity projects, but in this case I think it'll all be in good hands. Colbert is a guy who knows comics and he knows how to make fun of himself; I've got unreasonably high expectations, Colbert!

The Usual ...

BPRD: Garden of Souls #5

Green Lantern#21

Justice Society of America #7

Madman Atomic Comics #3

Maybe ...

Green Arrow: Year One #1: Honestly, I'm a little burned out on retellings of rebooted origin stories ... but I did think the first arc of Losers was fairly awesome. And the art looks preeeetty.

I Hate You More Than Anyone, Vol. 1: Based almost on the title alone. Also, Love Hina has given me a soft spot for light romance manga. Shut up.

Martha Washington Dies - One Shot: Here's the dilemma; the original Martha Washington stories were great and the art on this is fantastic, but I still don't know whether Frank Miller is an insane genius or just insane.

Samurai Commando Mission 1549, Vol. 1: The description somehow manages to be just as awesome as the name.

Recommended ...

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters (trade): I liked this mini-series more than I probably should have, but in spite of often ham-handed dialogue and sometimes muddy plotting it turned out to be solid superhero fun. And Black Condor? Total bad-ass.


Dan said...

Samurai Commando was actually pretty cool. I mean, it's time-traveling soldiers fighting samurai. It's also on thin paper, so it looks way shorter than it is.

You know what else has samurai and is cool? Lone Wolf and Cub. I'm looking at you, Max. It's been like 4 years now.

Lisa said...

Holy crap, it looks like I need to get my hands on some Tek Jansen. And the comic! (Hahah I'm funny)

Maxo said...

Dan: Y'know, I had the same thought. I flipped through it when I went to pick up my books and thought it seemed kind of light, so I'm glad to know it's just the paper. I'm excited about reading it now!

And I'm reading Lone Wolf and Cub! Just, um, really slowly. I do love that series, though (please don't hit me anymore - I'll be good!).

Lisa: I love Colbert, but the comic ... well, the second, shorter story worked much better than the longer, ongoing storyline. I think I'd like the title more if they crammed it with two or three shorter stories instead of trying to force a longer one for what's basically a running gag.

You can totally hear Colbert's voice in your head while reading the dialogue, though, and that's pretty awesome.

Lisa said...

Hm well that's disappointing to hear. Maybe I'll pick up the first one if there's any left when I pop in the shop, just for the Colbert love.