Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Pull-list: 7-18-07

Whoops! I let my schedule get away from me, so this is going to have to be kind of a quick-hit version of the pull-list for this week (which is abnormally chunky). There are a lot of titles I was happy to see on the list this week, but the one I'm probably looking forward to reading most is:

Strange Embrace #2: Only one issue into it and this book is equal parts creepy, dread-filled and somehow melancholy. And nothing's happened yet. Well, that's not really fair, but let's just say that the things that have happened feel like a set-up for something that feels like it's going to be pretty awful. I love it. Plus, the writing is as tight as a twanging nerve, with art that's perfectly suited to the story. Check the preview out for yourself at the title's site (you'll have to do some navigating: click on the front door, then the door on the left called "Story Preview." Now click on the chest of drawers - ha! Made you look! No, seriously, click on the notebook on the table and that'll bring up the preview. Whew!).

The Usual ...

Army @Love #5

The Brave and The Bold #5

Captain America #28

Conan #42

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #4

The Spirit #8

World War Hulk #2

Maybe ...

Programme #1

Super-Villain Team-up: MODOK's 11 #1

Recommended ...

Madman Gargantua (hardcover): Assuming you've got between $125 and $150; if you do, lend me your copy when you're done.

Screw Heaven, When I Die I'm Going to Mars: A collection of some of Shannon Wheeler's best work. If you liked Too Much Coffee Man, you'll dig it.

And Now, A Question:

I've been tinkering with the format of this particular feature, and I'm wondering which is more helpful to you, the reader; a pull-list that features what I plan to get and why, or a list that features what I did get and my thoughts on them (basically, reviews)?

I've always leaned toward the "upcoming" format just because I thought it'd be more helpful in terms of providing a heads-up before people buy their comics, but I'd like your input on whether that's true. Of course, if I go with the "upcoming" type of list I'll make more of an effort to get it out early in the week (probably Tuesdays).


Lisa said...

Both! Perhaps keep the pull list and just do reviews for the stuff that really strikes your fancy (or really strikes your... angry? I'm tired, leave me alone).

Maxo said...

Both? Funny, that never even occured to me ... hmmm ...

Lisa said...

Well I'm cleverer than the average chinchilla.