Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WTF Wednesday: Darth Shadow - rise!

The Shadow has been fighting villainy and inspiring generations of heroes for almost 80 years, but even a pulp hero with such an impressive resume takes some knocks once in a while. Of course, some injuries are a little more "emergency room" than others, and after a devastating battle with a poison gas-spitting doctor named Flax, The Shadow is taken to the mystic city of Shambala to recuperate.

It might take a while.

Luckily, there's no need to panic. The Shadow may have been reduced to just a head, but the scientists of Shambala are working on a clone that should be ready in, oh, about three weeks. In the meantime, why not go clothes shopping?

Hm. Everyone knows that hat is part of your whole "look," Shadow, but without the cloak and ... well, the rest of your body ... it's not really coming together. Maybe you should try again — think tasteful, understated, nothing too flashy or over-the-t ...


Panel from The Shadow #19
Andy Helfer, writer; Kyle Baker, artist

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