Saturday, December 1, 2007

You're a wonder, Wonder Woman

Pointed out by sharp-eyed reader Kyle, and as reported in various other sources, the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Justice League of America movie has apparently been filled by the statuesque Megan Gale.

Now, all I could find was Web sites referring to each other, and a quick Google search didn't turn up the Australian magazine that supposedly confirmed the news, so take it for what it's worth. Personally, it looks like Megan Gale might not be a bad choice it it's true.

Yeah, not a bad choice at all. Even my wife said, "She's pretty, and not like Jessica Alba with blond hair." I've never heard of the Australian supermodel, and I've got no idea whether or not she can act, but she's certainly got the right look for an ass-kicking Amazon.

According to IMDb, Gale played "Dr. Orbit's secretary" in Stealth and also had a role in what looks like an Italian movie; it's not what you'd call a lot of acting experience, but I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Christopher Reeve was a little-known soap actor, as we all know, and he put in a performance that made him THE Superman for an entire generation.

In the case of superhero movies, it's all about the commitment to the character — if the actor can get over themselves and get into playing a superhero without hanging on to all the baggage that can come with it, then it can work. Playing a superhero isn't just about representing a character, it's also about representing an icon.

And there are few comic book characters as iconic as Wonder Woman, so let's hope Gale is more than just a pretty face.

A really, really pretty face, but still ...


Gosh, I wonder what she'll look like in the costume? (I can already hear fanboys warming up Photoshop.)

Oh, and some guy named Armie Hammer has reportedly been tapped as Justice League's Batman. He's got a bit more acting experience, but he might be hamstrung by the same thing that's a plus for Gale's role — he's just too pretty. And since when is Batman barely legal? (Helloooo Google searchers!)

Like a lot of things, this movie could end up being pretty great or pretty awful. Where do you guys think it's going to end up?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and supposed a rapper named Common is supposed to fill the role of Green Lantern John Stewart. Personally, I hope it's not true. I think Michael Jai White could play it better than anyone-being an avid Green Lantern fan myself.