Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Haaww-kaaa!

World War II was a time of heroes, when ordinary men and women with a fighting spirit rose to the challenges put before them, whether it was leading a battle-hardened squad of Army joes across Europe, driving a haunted tank or shooting dinosaurs with a bazooka.

But there are few who are as legendary as the Blackhawk Squadron and none as trailblazing as Lady Blackhawk, the first female flying ace to join the team.

Which begs the question ... Greatest Generation?

You tell 'er, grandma!

Or Greatest Generation EVER?!

If you're looking for some historic battles, Bahlactus will be happy to school ya.

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Panel from Birds of Prey #107
Gail Simone, writer; Nicola Scott, artist; Doug Hazlewood, inker


That One Guy said...

I would tell my gramma, but well, I ain't too good with the seances. Also, she was a tough bird and a member of that generation. I bet she clocked some bitches in her time. However, it disturbs me to think of tight leather in that context, therefore I would like to request to disassociate her with your post. Thank you. ;-p

Maxo said...

What?!? I wasn't talking about YOUR grandma! Sounds like a case for Dr. Freud to me. But hey, if you like the older babes, that's cool — who am I to judge?

Weirdo. :)