Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WTF Wednesday: Hot, toasty mama!

You might know Rex Libris as the commando-librarian who'll do whatever it takes to keep his branch running like the shipshape, pan-dimensional source for literary adventure that it is. If you've ever been around while I'm reading it, you might even know Rex Libris as the only comic that regularly sends me to my copy of Webster's.

But do you know Rex Libris — ladies' man?

Click to check out the stacks!

You know he wants a closer look at her Dewey decimal.

(Oh, c'mon, I know I'm not the only one who thought it ... let's hear your library lines in the comments.)

Panel from Rex Libris Vol. 1: I, Librarian
James Turner, writer/artist


That One Guy said...

I bet he'd like to put his index card in her catalog...that is SO dated now though, I bet yunguns don't even know what that is! I'm gonna go listen to 8-tracks and watch VHS tapes!

Lisa said...

I remember index cards from elementary school!

I don't have any funny lines... maybe later. But if you have a trade or will when/if one comes out you should lend it to me because I wanted to read Rex Libris but never got around to it. Like my run on sentence?

Maxo said...

Damn kids and your baggy pants!

Of course I'll lend you the trade, but damn — buy a period, a semicolon, anything!

Kyle said...

Are you baiting me? I think you're baiting me.

Not that I won't be baited ...

* Rated G: Check her out.
* PG: She’s overdue for some sweet lovin’
* R: She’s getting my decimal system all Dewey.
* NC-17: I’d like to make her a cock repository

And a few more ...

* Subtle: Shh, baby, shh.
* Overdone: Baby, you can reference dese nuts
* A stretch: She needs to put that ass into circulation
* Wildly inappropriate: I love that fiche smell.

And a parting thought:
* Reference librarians do it periodically.

Maxo said...

Kyle: I knew I could count on you!

I can't wait to drop, "She needs to put that ass into circulation," in a conversation.

Well-played, you magnificent bastard.