Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'For the love of Crom, am I the only one here who wants to keep the U.S. technologically competitive?'

It always amazes me, but apparently there's a good portion of society that doesn't revolve around comics and instead would really like it if I'd take care of some of this other stuff instead.

I know!

I'm hoping to get something more than link-posts up soon ... but in the meantime here's a link to an Onion article about the disappointing lack of Conan knowledge among Obama's Cabinet. And since politics tends to be another obsession, this part in particular made me laugh:

"... he is expected to meet with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on Friday to discuss Afghanistan. A holdover from the Bush administration, Gates told reporters he may have gotten off on the wrong foot with the new president, citing an occasion when Obama asked him what he knew about 1984's Secret Wars, a 12-issue limited Marvel release. Gates then handed a visibly confused Obama 1,400 classified pages on covert CIA operations in El Salvador."

Edit to add: Well, crap. I just noticed that Scott over at Hero Sandwich posted about this exact same Onion article a whole day before this one went up! I enjoy Scott's blog on a daily basis, so go check out his take on the whole Cobama article at his site. And hey, while you're at it, take a look at what happens when you give Conan the Obama treatment over at I Was Ben.

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Scott said...

Pshaw, no reason to credit me -- I figured you were just an Onion reader like me. :)