Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Night Fights: Hulk and The Thing fight dirty!

So what do you do when you're the Hulk and giant monsters like the living mountain of mud named Taboo have invaded New York?

You throw Things at them!

Aah ... there's nothing quite like getting your hands dirty on a Friday Night.

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Panel from Monsters on the Prowl #1
Steve Niles, writer; Duncan Fegredo, artist; Moose Bauman, colorist


SUBZERO said...

Is that by Bret Blevins ?

Wow....( deja vue all over again )....I´m a big Bret Blevins fan ever since he did one of the best runs on NEW MUTANTS but I´m not sure if I have this particular comic in my collection. Where it´s from ?

Maxo said...

These particular panels are from a one-shot called "Monsters on the Prowl;" it was written by Steve Niles with art by Duncan Fegredo.

I'm with you on Blevins - he's done some pretty awesome work.

Lisa said...

Hulk must be an X-Men fan.

Maxo said...

God knows I wouldn't mind seeing Colossus tell Wolverine to shut up once in a while.