Monday, February 2, 2009

Cover up: Hawkeye #4

No deep analysis of this cover — and no offense to the Hawkeye fans out there — but I've never really warmed up to the Marvel archer, so this just makes me laugh and laugh:

I especially like the way Reed and Sue couldn't be bothered to show up for the funeral; "Eh, just send Johnny, that'll be good. Make Ben take 'im." And what's with the women, with the exception of Black Widow, covering their faces? Are they weeping while the men-folk stand around stoically looking constipated?

Now that I think about it, that's pretty much what I'd expect to see at Hawkeye's funeral. (Oh, relax — it doesn't really happen; Green Arrow, on the other hand, actually died. Oh, wait ...)

Hawkeye #4 (of 4)
Cover art by Mark Gruenwald


james said...

As much as I like trick arrows as superpowers, I've never cared for Hawkeye either. On my Defenders Fansite, I've only reluctantly admitted that he was in fact a member of the team for a few issues.

I think Golden Archer of the classic Squadron Supreme and Red Arrow of the JLA are more interesting archers

Maxo said...

Yeah, I know there are a lot of Hawkeye fans out there, but he's just never done it for me. I think his constant self-doubt and general whining turned me away early, and it didn't help that by the time I discovered Hawkeye I had already been steeped in Green Arrow stories.

I will say, though, that Silencer (who is featured in issue #2) is a pretty cool concept for a villain. I wish he had stuck around — maybe if Hawkeye had more interesting foes, that would have made me more interested in the hero.

Sea_of_Green said...

I never cared much for Hawkeye, either. I was always more of a Green Arrow fan -- probably because, like you, I was steeped in Green Arrow lore before I ever knew Hawkeye even existed.

SallyP said...

Well, Green Arrow and Hawkeye are BOTH on the dickish side, but I find Ollie's dickishness to be more interesting.

Maxo said...

I know this is going sound silly, but Hawkeye just seems so ... shallow. He doesn't have much of a personality, or at least not any that grabs me.

GA's got a more interesting origin, he doesn't whine about being underpowered (which, now that I think about it, seems weird for a Marvel character in particular), and his relationship with Black Canary rings true and also helps puts his dickishness into relief.

Huh. I had no idea I felt this strongly about the whole thing!

The Mutt said...

Hawkeye is hands down my favorite superhero ever, if for no other reason than that he has nailed every woman on that cover.

Maxo said...

Holy crap — you're right!