Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Pull List (2-4-09): The Universe is gonna get its ass kicked

It might be late in the day, but it's never too late for comics! Here's what I'm picking up this week:

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe (trade paperback):


OK, a little more detail: Scott Pilgrim is, without a doubt, one of the best series out there. Joyously silly with a relentlessly real undercurrent of what it's like to become that thing called a "grown-up," Scott Pilgrim is the story of the best fighter/slacker in Canada; his mysterious space-warping girlfriend and her Seven Evil Exes; and his lovably snarky gang of friends. Blending video game call-outs with the often awkward befuddlement that can come with a developing relationship, the series walks a line between goofy and deep with nearly perfect balance.

Plus, it's just a lot of fun. Download a sample comic and give it a try.

Also getting ...

Adventure Comics #0

Agents of Atlas #1

Cthulhu Tales #11

Fall of Cthulhu: Apocalypse #3

Kull #4

Maybe ...

Bang Tango #1

Jersey Gods #1

Magic Touch Vol. 1

The Mighty #1

Otomen Vol. 1

Soul Kiss #1

Trading up ...
(Titles I either am, or will be, picking up in trade)

Age of the Sentry #5

Comic Book Comics #3

El Diablo #6

Tiny Titans Vol. 1: Welcome to the Treehouse (TPB)

Recommended ...

MySpace Dark Horse Presents Vol. 2 (TPB)

Saga of the Swamp Thing: Book 1 (hardcover)


Jim Doom said...

Are you buying The Mighty so that you can contribute a guest review for the Book of Doom?

Maxo said...

Aw, crap - I ended up not getting it this week after all. I'm looking forward to the reviews, though!