Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, Mr. Banner, you are a delight!

Back in the old days, both of the Big Two used their characters to sell their books and subscription services (and in DC's case, delicious creme-filled snack cakes) pretty regularly. But where the DC ads were generally of the paste-the-hero-in-and-insert-corny-sales-pitch variety — with optional thumbs-up — Marvel often had some fun with their characters.

Like so:

Click to Banner-size

The Hulk's face in that last panel kills me. It's too bad, but neither company really do in-house ads like this anymore. Oh, well, at least they're not blatantly and almost contemptuously undercutting the competition by ... oh.


Jon Briggs said...

Ha Ha!! 50 cents. I'm sure readers were outraged.

Maxo said...

I know - it's like hearing your parents talk about going out for the evening on two bucks.

(Seriously, though, I remember when comics were 60 cents!)

(God, I'm old.)

foresightreviews said...

indeed. i remember willingly paying for the $1.00 comics, only they had 100 pages of material in them, so the savings were built in. guess i'm old, too :)

Maxo said...

Exactly. I remember buying a Batman anniversary issue for $1.25, getting to the end of the double-sized story and thinking it was totally worth it.

rob! said...

This is where Ang Lee got his inspiration from.

Patrick said...

Wait, so Hulk is married to his cousin??

I always found this ad appealing when I was a kid. I could have used a break, too, as I was getting She-Hulk, Micronauts, and Star Wars regularly at that point.

Why can I remember that after 30 years, but can't remember to get lightbulbs at the store for 3 months running?

Maxo said...


Patrick: I try to tell Sandy it's because we remember the important things, but she doesn't buy it.

And I always wondered the same thing - it sure looks like She-Hulk, doesn't it? Ech.

Fanboy Wife said...

This is pretty funny. Thanks for sharing. Even I am tempted to buy some comics after reading this!

Maxo said...

That Hulk, he's a hell of a salesman!

Thanks for commenting!