Thursday, May 15, 2008

Help! Cooky La Moo's escaped from the movie sign!

I know I've gone on about Gail Simone and the good job she's been doing on Wonder Woman, but I jumped the gun when I said she was the first writer to really make Diana an interesting and accessible character. I completely forgot about the unknown copywriter for Hostess Twinkies and the breakout villain of 1977 — Cooky La Moo!

Funny, I never realized 60 foot-tall, leggy blondes were considered "grotesque." The whole skinny model thing has finally gone too far when giant mockeries of life are considered icky.

Who the hell's Steve Howard? Still, at least three people are shouting out the same complex phrase in unison, and that's awesome.


Heeyyyy, wait a minute! It was actually STEVE who saved the day, him and his ginormous Twinkies! Which is a good thing, because judging by her last bit of dialog Wonder Woman must be completely wasted.

Just like that guy in the corner talking to his Twinkie.


rob! said...

am i the only one would buy a big HC collection of all the Marvel and DC hostess ads, with behind the scenes info and stuff like that?

oh, and i hope Cookie La Moo returns sometime.

Maxo said...

I'd love to see something like that! Especially since I'm pretty sure the regular comic artists were roped into providing the art for these ads. Was Cary Bates drawing superheroes shilling for Hostess?

And as far as I can tell, they just left poor, giant Cooky La Moo on that ledge — it'd be nice to think she's wandering around out there, like an enormous Twinkie the Kid.

Maxo said...

Ugh. I just realized that I meant Curt Swan, not Cary Bates! Bleagh.