Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Polished Silver

Well, this trailer for the second Fantastic Four movie (Rise of the Silver Surfer) looks kinda cool. It even looks as if they got the Surfer right - though I'd be willing to bet that when he talks he'll sound vaguely British.

But I still can't get past Jessica Alba as Sue. It just takes me right out of it.

Sorry, Thing.


L’il E said...

Yeah, the surfer LOOKS fine. The first movie LOOKED fine too (Thing aside if you ask me, I miss that brow -ridge from hell dammit). It S-U-C-K-E-D as both a movie and as a comic book adaptation. L-A-M-E-O-R-A-M-A. I will not see the sequel as a protest against the utter suckiness of its predecessor.

Pato Loco said...

That's funny. I thought Jessica Alba as Sue was the only thing that made the first movie even remotely watchable. And if that low-cut wedding dress is any indication of wardrobe to come, I'll be eagerly awaiting a late-night HBO screening with Astro-Glide and tissues at the ready and my IQ on hold.

Maxo said...

I guess I should confess, I never actually saw the first Fantastic Four. Believe it or not, I like Jessica Alba. There's a magazine cover that's burned into my permanent memory - I'll be 90 and unable to remember the difference between right and left, but I'll remember that cover - and it's all about Alba.

But as Sue? I just couldn't buy it. I'll probably break down someday, though, and it'll be because of Jessica Alba (and what'isface as The Thing).

As long as I'm feeling all Steel Magnolias, I should admit that I've never seen The Hulk all the way through (who wants an emo-Hulk?), and I've avoided Daredevil and Elektra like a dick-eating plague.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to watch a wedding scene in slo-mo.