Monday, October 22, 2007

OW!!! OwOwOw!!

I'm sorry about the even-lighter-than-usual posting lately (er ... assuming anyone actually noticed), but a burst of too-vigorous and astonishingly ninja-like activity was enough to completely wrench my back and put me off my feet for the past few days.

OK, I bent down and then straightened up — that was all it took to twist it. Shut up.

Aaaaaanyway, it was actually pretty painful. I imagine it could be illustrated like so:

I did manage to get in to work today, so look for regular posting this week. And remember kids — limber up before reaching for that sandwich and/or copy of Witchblade Takeru!

Panel from Sugarshock #2, Dark Horse Presents online


Khairul H. said...

Well, my excuse is that I've been busy cataloguing my books at I'll post something real soon. Promise.

Maxo said...

And you were on vacation! Welcome back!

Lisa said...

You've been bisected! It's okay Maxo, standing up is hard for people your age.

Maxo said...

I hate you.