Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Pull List: 10-10-07

After some fairly heavy weeks, it looks as if things have slowed down with only four, count 'em FOUR, titles on the pull list. Granted, it's all good stuff but after weeks of having to trim the list down to something realistic (I'm on a budget, people!) it's a little weird — like going from a buffet to bistro dining. These sandwiches are so small!

Yikes. Before I get any more esoteric — to the list!

Atomic Robo #1 (of 6): When I first went through the solicits for the week, this one went into the "maybe" column. But then I read a little more about it and realized it's about a smart-alecky robot fighting Nazis! Plus, it has nice, clean art that's both cartoony and perfectly suited to the tone of the writing. Then I saw the preview and read this little exchange between Robo (I don't know if that's actually his name), some Nazi soldiers, and a gang of even more Nazis who are trying to dog-pile Robo into submission:

Nazi: Move and we shoot!

Robo: I'm comfortable with that.

(Nazis clinging to Robo commence to freaking out)

If I wasn't already almost guaranteed to pick up this book, that kind of dialogue pushed me right over. Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I like the style of art being used - it reminds me of Robert Kirkman's stuff in Invincible, as well as some of Evan Dorkin's work. In other words, it looks like fun stuff and I'm looking forward to reading it.

The rest ...

Booster Gold #3

BPRD: Killing Ground #3

Green Lantern #24

Maybe ...

Simon Dark #1: I don't know - I'm just not convinced. It looks pretty, but I can't see the story being maintained over time. Maybe if it was under the Vertigo imprint I'd have more faith, but for now the "creepy, neighborhood boogey-man who's also a superhero" vibe isn't clicking. And it's set in Gotham, which means there's going to be the inevitable Batman cameo; I'll come right out and put my money on issue five.

Deadlander #1: I really, really want to have more enthusiasm for this one, but I'm also really, really tired of undead/zombie titles. Still, I'm torn between my ambivalence for zombie books and my love for westerns, even if the concept for the hero reminds me of both Preacher's Saint of Killers and Gunwitch from Nocturnals. And the art looks great, so this one will come down right to the minute I take it off the rack. Take a look at the preview and let me know what you think.

Recommended ...

Gyo Vol. 1 (2nd ed.): I don't know what happened to the Japanese (OK, I have an idea), but they've got to have the most imaginative and seriously screwed-up collective subconscious ever. How else do you explain something like Gyo, a horror tale that centers around ... hell, I don't even know where to begin. Let's just say it starts with bloated fish sporting mechanical legs skittering out of the ocean, carrying with them a bacteria that begins to spread very quickly. And then it gets worse. Sooo much worse. Just thinking about what goes on in Gyo gives me the creeps and honestly makes me slightly queasy, so of course it's one of my favorites. Want to get into the Halloween mood and then not sleep until Christmas? Read Gyo.

(No, it won't ...)

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