Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All that important galactic info

Not too long ago, being a comic book nerd was the sort of thing you kept to yourself — unless you were a fan of the atomic wedgie or the dreaded purple nurple. Thankfully we're moving past those dark days, and even writing letters to city newspapers to proudly show off just what huge geeks we are.

Take hero to the cause Russ Forbus of Buda, Texas, who was recently published in the Austin-American Statesman:

I might quibble with Russ' description of the Lantern's "magic" ring, but I give him big thumbs up for pointing out the difference between a pulp, crime-busting hero and a corps of space cops patrolling the universe. ESPECIALLY since the mayor was totally wearing a Green Lantern T-shirt. (I have no idea why the paper's Web site didn't include it, particularly since it was in the print edition.)

The headline on the letter seems to be a pretty obvious crack, but I'd like to think Russ Forbus doesn't care, having long since become invulnerable to melvins and wet willies.


Russ Forbus said...

The scope and unlimited power of a Green Lantern's "power ring" seemed too overwhelming for mere mortals to understand as anything but "magical".A letter to the editor didn't seem to be the appropriate venue for the subject(besides I lacked the "willpower" to attempt it).
At 6'4", 260 lb.s,I
distributed (rather than received) wet willies, georges,melvins,scobs of the nob,titty twisters,and toilet tornadoes.No "power ring " was required.

Maxo said...

"Willpower" — ha! And I appreciate your restraint ... anything more probably would have just been dismissed as a letter from some comic book crank.

Thanks for stopping by!