Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Galactus hates Earth

Because like any other tourist in New York, he just can't get any respect from the locals.

Tomorrow — content! (Or something like it.)


rob! said...

is it me, or is that an old, weathered Jimmy Olsen on the right?

Khairul H. said...

So where's the promised "content"? (asks the person who hasn't updated his blog for a couple days now)

Maxo said...

Rob: Holy ... poor Jimmy. All the secondhand smoke from Perry's cigar finally got to him.

Khairul: It's right there, with a poll and everything! And it's not like I just now updated after days of slacking or anything - honest!

chris said...

That is from Marvel Team-Up #137, if memory serves.

Aunt May and Franklin Richards team-up... vs. Galactus.

Maxo said...

Good eye, Chris! And of course, MTU #137 is also the issue that gave the world Aunt May as the cosmically powered Golden Oldie. That whole Assistant Editor's Month issue was nuts.

I should really do a whole post on that comic one of these days.