Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Hey, pal, it's your Viking funeral

Even though I came out before the bell last week, I'm still ready to go for another round in this mighty black-and-white match-up overseen by our cosmic ring master, Bahlactus!

But as I was preparing for another brutal bout (running up stairs, working the heavy bag, chasing chickens), I wondered: Is the KFC still open? And then I thought, what would be the best way to end this match? Who could I bring in that could bring the pain? What could reach the right level of awesome?

And then I realized: I started with Boyd and Yount, I'd end with Boyd and Yount. With that in mind, I give you ...


OK, maybe it's not the most menacing phrase in a pirate's vocabulary, but still. And the best part about using Scurvy Dogs? Even if I didn't use the Vikings, I still could've gone with the monkey fight or the battle against the Portuguese lepers; if I've learned anything from pirates, it's that it's nice to have choices.

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Panels from Scurvy Dogs Vol. 1: Rags to Riches
Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount, writers; Ryan Yount, artist