Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun fact: Gorillas are surprisingly litigious

Are you having problems you just can't solve?

Is your neighbor's tree dumping leaves all over your yard?

Does your boss refuse to give you the raise you deserve?

Are you an Amazonian princess wrestling with espionage and god-level intrigue?


At Tolifhar, Rhanda & Associates, we know the best man for the job is a gorilla! Put the strength of hyper-intelligent apes behind your next negotiation and see what the best of Gorilla City can do for you!!

Remember, when it comes to arbitration, think Tolifhar, Rhanda & Associates. We also handle: Drunk driving convictions! Bankruptcies! Personal injury! And, of course, highly motivated bodyguard and metahuman protection services!

Call us today at 1-800-GORILLA and put Tolifhar, Rhanda & Associates to work ... for you!!

Panels from Wonder Woman #24
Gail Simone, writer; Bernard Chang, artist


Scott said...

Man, I loved that whole issue. :)

Maxo said...

Oh man, so much fun — Wonder Woman is becoming one of my current favorites.