Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Pull List (9-24-08): Good dog!

There are a bunch of good comics coming out this week, making it hard to choose which one I'm looking forward to most, but Superman #680 was the top pick for one very simple reason:

Krypto the Goddamn Super-dog!

Writer James Robinson has been carving little love notes out of my suddenly tender heart with his characterization of Superman and Krypto's relationship, to the point that I go gooey every time I read the words, "good dog." And while we've seen the loyal, smart and happy-go-lucky Krypto in previous issues, this one promises a loyal, smart and completely junkyard dog-nuts Krypto going right for Atlas' throat (seriously; check out the preview).

I haven't read Superman for a long time but decided to give it a try when Robinson took over, and I'm glad I did. Characters, setting, even the bad guy — everything fits the way you would hope to give the reader an honest-to-Rao Superman story. Some things, like the bubblegum-like look of the flesh tones and story pacing that might be a little too slow, can be distracting but not to the point of throwing the book off the rails.

If anything, with the sure-handed way an inherently goofy and beloved concept like Krypto is being handled, I'd say Superman is right on track.

Also getting ...

Blue Beetle #31: Getting Jaime mixed up with the Border Patrol is an interesting idea, and I hope the angst between the agency and Hispanics (of whom many make up the Patrol's ranks) is at least touched on. Also, that hat is adorable.

Captain America #42: The conclusion to the "Death of Captain America" storyline, the best espionage/superhero story on the stands.

Cthulhu Tales #5: Boom! seems to have nearly cornered the market on Cthulhu, and that's all right by me. Like any anthology, this series sometimes lets loose a clunker, but it (along with the publisher's other ongoing Mythos-based series) has given me the creeps more than once. Good, Lovecrafty horror.

Daredevil #111: A new storyline starts with this issue, making a good jumping-on point if you've been waiting to give DD a chance. The sound of something like "Lady Bullseye" is usually the sort of thing that makes my eyes roll back so far I can see my own ass, but I trust Ed Brubaker as a writer so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. I'll just have to check out my ass on my own time, I guess.

Hellboy: The Crooked Man #3 (of 3): Hands down one of the best Hellboy short stories ever, surprising considering the title character hasn't been given a lot to do so far. In fact, most of the story is being pulled along by Tom Ferrell, cursed, remoreseful and acting as a sort of Appalachian Constantine. Now hear this, Dark Horse: More stories of the backwoods magician! I would totally buy books about the further adventures of Tom Ferrell, especially if they're done by the Crooked Man team of Mike Mignola and Richard Corben. (Preview)

Maybe ...

Back to Brooklyn #1

The Girl Who Could Run Through Time Vol. 1 (of 2)

The Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall and The Death Queen of California #1

M-Theory #1

Solomon Kane #1 (of 5) (Preview)

Trading up ...

(Titles I either am, or will be, picking up in trade)

100 Bullets Vol. 12: Dirty (trade paperback)

Ambush Bug: Year None #3 (of 6): Dropped from the regular pull list! Too many insider jokes and not enough funny, it's like listening to people talk about a co-worker you don't know. Hopefully it'll come together once it's done.

Fables #76

Fall of Cthulhu: Godwar #2: This series tends to read better in trade, giving the story a chance to build suspense without losing momentum between issues. What's with the new artist, though? Maybe I've just gotten used to Mateus Santolouco's work, but the stuff by Mark Dos Santos seems like an odd choice. The work is solid, but the style just doesn't fit the tone of the book.

Wasteland #20

Recommended ...

Wonder Woman: The Circle (hardcover): Gail Simone made me fall in love with Wonder Woman all over again, and this storyline is a big part of the reason why. I don't know if I'm so smitten (smitten, I tell you!) that I won't wait for the trade paperback, but any fan of the Amazon princess should consider picking this up.

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