Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WTF Wednesday: When strikes ... the Funny Bunny!

Spider-Man is not only a hero ...

Like lightning, the web-slinger is on the case!

Even when answers are hard to get, Spidey doesn't give up. Dammit, table lamp — talk!

Meanwhile, tonight's nightmare is revealed!

Oh man, this is getting to be too much for me — I think I'm ready to end this post right now. I know Spider-Man will be disappointed, but ... wait, what'd you say?

Thanks, Spidey!

Panels from Spidey Super Stories #9
Jean Thomas, writer (based on a script by Tom Whedon); Winslow Mortimer, penciller;
Mike Esposito and Tony Mortellaro, inkers


rob! said...

that looks like the bunny from Donnie Darko.

Scott said...

"Guess what's in my basket!"

Umm. NO.

Maxo said...

There's just something wrong with short pants and a comb-over, isn't there? And you can't tell from the costume, but Funny Bunny is a woman ... DUN dun duunnn!!