Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morrison and Quitely? To the Batcave, chum!

Most people probably know about this already, but I'm pretty excited about the news that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely will be the creative team for the new Batman & Robin series. Slated to launch in June, the title will be coming on the heels of the pairs' excellent All Star Superman, which combined Morrison's sky-high concepts with Quitely's best art to date.

These two work extremely well together, and seem to have that rare alchemy that brings out the best in each other. And no offense to All Star Batman & Robin's #1 fan, but I think this will be the series ASBAR should have been.


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Mart said...

This could be great. Even if it's Dick and Damian. What an odd head that boy wonder has.

Maxo said...

I loved their All Star Superman, so I've got high hopes for this. And the art - just look at that Batmobile!

He does have a kind of melon head, doesn't he? It's like Charlie Brown grew up to be Robin.

Mart said...

Good grief! ;)

Sea_of_Green said...

I DO like the artwork, though, melon head or not. I agree -- this series looks VERY promising!

Maxo said...

It's funny, but I used to really dislike Quitely's art; I couldn't get past how lumpy all the characters looked, and was really annoyed that everyone had expressions that made them look like supermodels.

But, oh man, he just gets better and better and now he's one of my favorite artists. It's probably a silly thing to geek out about, but does anyone else draw clothing that well?! I love the folds of the capes in this picture.

I think the series is going to be pretty great!

Ostrakos said...

I was grinning with anticipation when I saw this on CBR yesterday (I didn't get to pick up my books this week yet). I am especially impressed with the Batmobile and Batman's utility belt. I just wanna know who's wearing the cowl in this book.

Maxo said...

It's going to be a long three months, that's for sure.

My gut says that — at least until Bruce is back — it's Dick and Damien. If I'm remembering this right, Jason is supposed to end up becoming Red Robin, and I can see Dick having a sense of duty to take on Damien (considered an orphan, since Batman's "dead") in the same way Bruce did for him.

Thanks for stopping by, Ostrakos!

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