Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seaguy finally resurfaces (and it's about damn time)

After a wait of almost — holy shit — FIVE YEARS, we'll finally see the bizarre and utterly engaging Seaguy return to comic book stands in a few weeks with Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #1.

In case you're not familiar with the title, Seaguy is the charming and oddly sinister story of a guy named Seaguy, a hero in a world so seemingly perfect it doesn't have any use for heroes. Bored, frustrated and at a loss as to what it all means, Seaguy longs for adventure and answers despite the ministration of the suspiciously benevolent Mickey Eye.

Sounds kinda weird, right? Well, this only scratches the surface of a story that also involves a hovering talking tuna, sentient food and the personification of Death. I can tell you this; whatever you think it is, it's not what you're expecting. But it's great in that nutty Grant Morrison way (oh, did I forget to mention Morrison writes this?), and the art by Cameron Stewart is so good it hurts.

The beginning of the second arc in what's supposed to be a Seaguy trilogy is scheduled for an April 1 release, and it's sure to be well worth your while. I'm not sure going into it cold would be a good idea, though, so you might want to dig up the the first arc before diving in (ha! see what I did there, with the "diving" and ... eh, shut it).

And in the meantime, MySpace Comic Books just published an exclusive interview with Morrison, featuring Stewart's art from the upcoming Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #1. It's good stuff and gives a pretty solid sense of what you can probably expect from the series, so go check it out.

By the way, did I mention Seaguy hates the sea?


rob! said...

I'm intrigued!

Lisa said...

You know, I think I remember flipping through some Seaguy awhile back but felt it was better in concept than in execution.

Maxo said...

Rob: It's definitely worth at least a check out from the library, though I will say it's Morrison at his Morrisoniest. Still, it's good stuff.

One of these days I'm hoping to commission a sketch of Aquaman and Seaguy either fighting or giving each other a leaping high-five.

Lisa: Seaguy is really the kind of book you've got to read through and then let kind of percolate for a while. When I read the first issue I figured, OK, this is just Morrison amusing himself. But I kept reading and there's really more going on than I first thought.

It's also possible I've built up a tolerance for Morrison's "high concepts;" it can certainly come across as self-indulgent.

Sea_of_Green said...

*Sob* He hates me! :-(

-- Sea

Maxo said...