Monday, June 1, 2009

The Monday Fly: The sharks circled warily ...



Panel from The Human Fly #3
Bill Mantlo, writer; Lee Elias, artist


Sea-of-Green said...

I swear, Marvel needs to collect these into an Essentials. ;-)

Maxo said...

There were only 19 issues published - how hard could it be?

No. 3 is one of my favorites, just for the sheer amount of crazy Mantlo crammed into one issue; the sharks are just the prologue.

James Sime said...

Love the series too!

Marvel can't reprint the Human Fly because they don't own the rights. Getting a run of Human Fly issues in a backissue bin or on eBay is pretty cheap tho!

Maxo said...

Huh ... I wonder who owns them now? Does the original stunt company still have the rights? I've seen rumors that the whole thing might've had some ties to shady criminal types ... I guess the mystery deepens.

And I agree — if you can find it in back issues, it's definitely worth it.

By the way, James, I appreciated your thoughts on the Captain America #600 screw-up; everyone should go read it

rob! said...

Of course the sharks are wary--is it a human, is it a fly? Shark don't know!!!