Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Pull List (7-1-09): The rise of Steve Rogers

Yes, I realize this is the latest step in some big marketing plan over at Marvel, and yes, I'm tired of the Big Two cynically killing off popular characters only with the plan to even more cynically bring them back to life eventually and, assumedly, with a bump in profits.


But in the case of Captain America: Reborn #1 it all comes down to one simple thing: Ed Brubaker. Brubaker is a capital-W writer, and he's been laying the groundwork for this story — which should already be considered a milestone in the character's history — for years. YEARS. And, with very few bumpy issues here and there, it has been exceptionally solid. Wait, rewind, let's edit that: It's been exceptional. Period.

With Captain America, Brubaker brings his noir sensibility to what could easily be tossed off as just another superhero comic. But in a way he's brought Captain America back to its espionage roots, rounding up and tightening a supporting cast that spans decades and myriad storylines and making it mean something. It's a complex (but not complicated) plot, and no easy feat, but Brubaker makes it seem like a slice of warm pie.

How good has Brubaker's run been with Captain America? Good enough that the Captain America character has been "dead" for more than two years and the series is as strong as ever. I'm sure there has been plenty of direction from the Marvel editorial honchos, but I'm pretty confident that the story is Brubaker's. It makes a difference.

So yes, I'm looking forward to seeing the return of Steve Rogers, because I'm looking forward to seeing where the story itself goes next. Want to get a jump on it yourself? Here's a handy prelude!

What else is on the list

Agents of Atlas #7

Batman and Robin #2

Greek Street #1

Muppet Robin Hood #2

The Muppet Show #4

And maybe ...

Justice League: Cry for Justice #1

Star Wars: Invasion #1

Waiting for the trade

El Diablo: The Haunted Horseman (trade paperback)

Secret Six #11

Waiting for the library

Chew #2

Daredevil: Noir #4


Tales Designed to Thrizzle Vol. 1 (hardcover)


rob! said...

I agree--Brubaker's run on Cap is one of the great runs on the character, ever.

That said, I want to see Steve Rogers back, so I'm glad they're finally getting to it.

Dom Sutton said...

I've loved Brubaker's run too, but I'm in the camp that feels Bucky needed to be given more time to breathe as Cap before the return of Rogers.

Honestly, I'd be happy to see Steve stay dead for another 10 years. Bringing him back now? Where's the impact in that? He's barely cold.

Still, I'm sure it'll all be good to read. I'm taking this as a jumping off point though and will start trade waiting.


Maxo said...

I'm a little on the fence about it. I think Brubaker has been handling the death of Captain America — and the fallout — really, really well. I would personally like to see more of how the Marvel U deals with life without Steve Rogers, Bucky in particular. I think there are still years' worth of stories to mine in that regard.

On the other hand ... the story has carried us this far without any major hitches, and I'm hoping that's still going to be true. I was perfectly OK with Steve being dead; I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll feel the same way about his return.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, guys!