Thursday, May 17, 2007

The lame-ass return of GCP

So I seem to have finally gotten over the hump that is Work, but I'm just too tired to post anything substantial, much less anything about the MJ statue debate making the rounds.

I will say this, though: When I saw the statue, my first reaction was, "Oh, c'mon." Seriously, it's a ridiculous piece of merchandise. And yes, it's demeaning to women (and, in a much, much smaller way, to comic fans in general - I guess they figure we're all still in mom's basement, eh?). And of course some people are overreacting, and many more are underreacting, but hopefully all this heat will begin to generate some light.

There's been a lot of back-and-forth going on about the cheesecakiness of this statue (and others), and what it means in the greater scheme of things for how women are portrayed in the comics media, but so far I think I most like what Laura Hudson had to say. It's straight-forward, thoughtful and packed with common-sense, so go read it.

Speaking of cool, can you believe I just recently read Scott Pilgrim? I don't know what took me so long, either, but this weekend I read all three volumes that have been published, and I'm hooked.

Out of hundreds of pages of awesome, this may have been my favorite scene:

Scott Pilgrim - lovable jerk.


Anonymous said...

Oh holy crap, that statue is ridiculous. And that reply picture with spidey in her place has burned an image into my head that needn't be.

Maxo said...

No kidding - I didn't need to know that much about Spidey's "web-shooter."

Gah! Get the picture out of my head!!b

Maxo said...

Where the hell did that "b" come from?

Anonymous said...

Oh speaking of which, here's something for ya. (You'll have to go to the link since Blogger is lame and won't let me post HTML)