Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fatal accident on Batman set

You always hate to hear about something like this. It's easy to forget there are real people who are pulling off a lot of the stunts that make us ooh and aah during our superhero movies, as well as technicians capturing the action, and it is often an incredibly dangerous job. The fact that this happened during what sounds like a dry-run is certainly proof of that.

"Batman" film technician dies in accident

A special effects technician involved in the filming of the new Batman movie has died in a car accident, the film's producers said on Tuesday.

An investigation has been launched after the man was killed when his 4x4 vehicle crashed into a tree during a dummy film run, Warner Brothers said in a statement.

The studio said that none of the cast, which includes several Hollywood stars, was involved in the accident that occurred at a special effects facility.

It added the fatal crash did not happen on the set or during filming for "Batman: The Dark Knight."

Media reports said the vehicle was following a stunt car, believed to be the Batmobile, at a property near Chertsey, Surrey.

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