Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WTF Wednesday: Smoochee Smoochee

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Ben Templesmith is one of my favorite artists, combining drawing, painting and Photoshop skills to regularly create beautiful, often haunting, images. For proof of this you only need to pick up any comic featuring his work, whether it's 30 Days of Night, Fell, Hatter M or any of the fantastic covers he's done.

But it wasn't until he started doing Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse that I found out he's a pretty entertaining writer, too, coming up with stories that include things like horny, drunken, pit-fighting leprechauns with a particular somethin'-somethin' for sensitive clockwork men.

And there is a sentence I never thought I'd write. Thanks, Ben Templesmith!

Panel from Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse #5
Ben Templesmith; writer, artist


Kyle said...

I don't believe that at all. I've known you for more than a decade now, and you're always talking about leprechauns -- how cool it would be to see a shillelagh fight in a pit; how Lucky Charms make you horny; how Dennis Kucinich is a drunk. Templesmith or no, this sentence of yours was only a matter of time.

(Sorry, I don't ever have any comic-related comments to contribute so I have to make up this crap.)

Maxo said...

Ha! Don't let that stop you - you know you're always welcome (hell, I wish you'd do it more often).

By the way, I guess you didn't realize "see a shillelagh fight in a pit" is a euphemism. Ahem.