Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WTF Wednesday: Taking his clothes was a precaution?

I promise to get off the Nick Fury kick - eventually - but you sharpies out there might recognize someone awfully familiar in this panel. No, not Col. Fury - look closer!

Holy shit - Don Caballero is the Supreme Hydra?!? Your eyes do not deceive you; that is indeed Don Caballero, world-famous bon vivant and renowned party-thrower, and he's got Fury right where he wants him!

That must be some potent jungle juice HYDRA mixes up - our favorite director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is waking up woozy and half-dressed. No means no, Caballero!

(I just realized this is the second WTF panel in a row featuring half-naked dudes. I'm sure my wife will find that interesting.)

Panel from Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Stan Lee, writer; Jim Steranko, artist


Fred said...

Two weeks in a row?

Raised eyebrow

I've got a question for you, and I suppose this fits the theme of your past two WTF Wednesdays. Ever heard of a comic called "The Last Man"? What do you think of it? I saw a whole bunch of trades at the local bookstore (one of the very few that actually looked interesting) and was thinking about picking up the lot.

Maxo said...

Hey Fred! I'm going to assume you're talking about Y: The Last Man, which is an excellent story about a guy searching for his girlfriend after a mysterious "plague" kills every other man and male mammal in the world.

That doesn't really do it justice, though. There's also a whole secret government agency subplot, a truly extreme women's movement, a doctor trying to find a cure for the plague - it's a sneakily dense and complicated plot carried along by breezy dialogue, likeable characters and clever plotting.

Also, it's wrapping up pretty soon and there's a movie in the works, so it's bound to start getting more mainstream attention. When that happens, the companies will often stop printing the trades for a while so they can do a whole movie tie-in reprint.

Some people have trouble with the first few issues, but keep in mind that it's all meant to help set up the background and reflect the sudden turmoil in the comics' world and it'll all gel.

Short answer: It's freaking awesome, and I can't recommend it enough. Pick 'em up!

Maxo said...

Oh, and a monkey is heavily featured. So, y'know ... it's golden.

Fred said...

Sweet - I already got the first two trades and they're freaking awesome! Looks like I'll soon be getting the rest.