Monday, June 23, 2008

Cover Up: Iron Man #165

Click to Tony's Ego-size!

I don't have anything pithy to say about this cover by penciler Luke McDonnell and inker Steve Mitchell — I've just always thought it's cool as hell.

And it looks like Tony's in pretty bad shape, right? One of the things I like most about superhero comics is that sense of excitement they can create by making you ask, "What's going on?!" and "What's going to happen next?!"

This cover has always done that for me, even though I've read the not-so-great story inside about a hundred times.


Big T said...

Speaking of stumbling around in a silly outfit and smelling like someone threw up on you, Max-o, are you coming out to Comic Con this year?

I'm probably going Friday to make the rounds for any film related shenanigans (so it's tax deductible!). I'm also flying back to Texas for 2 weeks in July, just before the Con.

And - lo! - these two titans shall once again face off. For such is foretold in the ancient scrolls of Southwest Airlines ticketless confirmation.

Maxo said...

Yeah, Tony always hates it when he can't get home before the ice cream melts.

Nah, no Comic-Con this year — I was hoping to, but you know how it goes. I'm thinking about going to the Wizard World thing in Dallas since it's a fairly short drive from here, but that's still a maybe. Hey, send me an e-mail with the exact dates so we can see you!

Aye — the earth shall once again shake with the merest footfalls of these two, who are less than gods, but more than men!!

Or something.