Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WTF Wednesday: Is a high-caliber walrus too much to ask for?

Thanks to his role in the recent Star-Lord mini-series and now the Guardians of the Galaxy ongoing, grateful readers are being reintroduced — or meeting for the first time — what may be Bill Mantlo's greatest creation.

Am I talking about the Micronauts?


Surely I must mean Rom!

ROM! Greatest of all spaceknights!

But no. I'm talking, of course, about Rocket Raccoon, the kick-assingest space-cop to ever knock over a garbage can! Originally created by Mantlo and Keith Giffen (and later immortalized in a limited series illustrated by Mike Mignola, of all people), Rocket Raccoon is a caretaker of the insane and a killer of robotic assassin clowns, and that is nothing but pure awesome.

But as much as I love Rocket, and as excited as I am to see him back in full furry action (um ... ew ...), I have to wonder: Whatever happened to Wal Russ?


Panels from Rocket Raccoon #1 (of 4)
Bill Mantlo, writer; Mike Mignola, artist; Al Gordon, inker


Siskoid said...


That One Guy said...

I LOVED that mini. I had no idea it was Mignola, or is that a relaunch? I'm thinking of the one from the 80s? I don't remember much about it other than loving it dearly and it being an action-packed-yet-lighthearted goofy sci-fi romp replete with talking, tricked out space-cowboy animals. It always makes me think of the Beatle's Rocky Raccoon for some reason, even though I know they aren't related in any way. Then I think about Ranger Rick and it all goes to hell.

Maxo said...

Siskoid: Rocket Racoon should be considered in the same way as Ambush Bug — once it's on the table, there is no "too far."

Guy: Nope, that was Mignola way back in '85. And yeah, Rocky Raccoon always gets stuck in my head after reading anything with Rocket in it, too. Supposedly, Rocket was inspired by the song and there are a few Beatles references sprinkled in here and there (the Loonies have a sort of Gideon's Bible, and I'm pretty sure Wal is, well, The Walrus).

Ranger Rick! Holy crap, that puts me right back in the pediatrician's waiting room.