Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WTF Wednesday: Top o' the Skrull Home-world, Ma!

Hey, remember when a bunch of Skrulls decided they wanted to look and act like gangsters? I wonder where those intergalactic conquerers got that idea?

Click to Super-Skrull size!

Waaaait a minute — whadya think I am, some kinda mook? What could possibly explain the Fantastic Four (oh, and that Crystal dame) putting the lean on a couple of Skrulls in the back of a flying Model-A?

Oh, yeah ... STAN LEE and JACK KIRBY.

Panels from Fantastic Four #75 (1978)
Originally published in Fantastic Four #93
Stan Lee, writer; Jack Kirby, artist; Frank Giacoia, inker


Mag said...

Looks like Stan and Jack watched Star Trek. And then changed it into crazy FF action, of course.

Maxo said...

This story was published a year after that Star Trek episode, so you might be on to something!

It's full of crazy FF action for sure — half of it is Skrull gangsters, and the other half is the Thing in a full-out gladiator battle with someone called Torgo. Sniff ... it's beautiful ...