Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Night Fights: In your face, Earth ninjas!

Someday, when the lunar colony seems quaint and Uranus is the latest trendy hot spot*, remember this when you gaze into the velvety darkness of space:

Look out — a ninja could be hiding there.

Sweep the leg, Johnny!

Click panels to monolith-size!

Not even the vastness of space can hope to contain a ninja, especially one with muttonchops! So as you look into the night sky, don't wonder when the ninjas will get there — instead, ask yourself, "Omigod, how long have those ninjas been there?!?"

Luckily, the master already has his own space-dojo.

Following a link? Read more of Great Caesar's Post here.

Panel from American Space Ninja (in Space) mini-comic
Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount, writers; Ryan Yount, artist

*I'm so, so sorry.


Dan said...

Wow, Max. You may be one of the few other people on the planet that own that, but after Scurvy Dogs, I was all over it. I love those guys.

Maxo said...

I'm a huge fan of Boyd and Yount! I'd love to see an American Space Ninja follow-up (and some new Scurvy Dogs, for that matter).

My favorite Space Ninja line might be: "Here's the thing: You ever been to Wisconsin? Or even Space Wisconsin? No? They're big people, Wisconsinites. Wisconsinians. Whatever."