Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Night Fights: Bulleteer calls it 'The Silencer'

If you've been reading Final Crisis and wondering what the hell is going on, put down those back issues of Countdown. No, seriously, put them down, and pick up the Seven Soldiers maxi-series instead.

Also densely and somewhat confoundingly written by Grant Morrison, the events of the six different mini-series (that all tie in to make one series — see, even the set up in confusing) seem to lead directly into the latest Crisis storyline. Compellingly well-written, complex and ultimately rewarding, it's Grant Morrison at his Grant Morrisoningest in the DCU.

Also rewarding: Seeing how the Bulleteer deals with that home-wrecking Sally Sonic.

Click to SUV-size!

You'll take some personal responsibility, Sally, and like it. Because Batman might be famous for using a car battery in his assault on crime, but Alix Harrower will drop a whole engine block on ya.

And you don't even want to think about messing with the monster truck known as Bahlactus.

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Panels from Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #4 (of 4)
Grant Morrison, writer; Yanick Paquette, penciller; Serge LaPointe, inker


Scott said...

I was hoping someone would use that one eventually. I used it a few months back, but it's just tailor-made for the "Ladies Night" round of FNF, ain't it? :)

Maxo said...

Damn — I've been trying really hard to avoid repeating anyone else's entries, but I guess it had to happen sooner or later.

I wish DC would find something (good) to do with the characters Morrison came up with in this series. The new Mister Miracle is a good start, but I'd especially like to see Miracle, Frankenstein, Shining Knight and Bulleteer in some sort of ongoing titles.

Scott said...

Ehh, there's no way to avoid repeating someone's FNF -- there's only a finite number of comics out there with decent fight scenes. I'm just hoping to avoid repeating anyone's fight scenes on the same week...

And yeah, the Seven Soldiers nearly all vanished into the ether, didn't they? So many of them are really excellent characaters, but I guess DC only has a limited amount of comics they can sell, and they really need to make sure Superman and Batman are in at least a dozen books a week... :/