Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go, Team Sienkiewicz!

I was rummaging throughout the house last night, trying to find a box of greeting cards my wife was looking for, when I came across this:

Nice, huh? A good pal was nice enough to bring back a bagful of free swag from Comic-Con for me one year (2006? '07?), including a booklet of Adult Swim postcards. It's no surprise that my favorite of the bunch is this detail taken from a larger image done by legendary comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz for the Venture Brothers Season 1 DVD.

Sienkiewicz is one of my favorite artists, and the art is a big part of the reason I still hold on to comics like The Shadow and that Sabretooth mini drawn by Mark Texeira from — holy geez — 1993 (ooooh, die-cut!).

I should probably do some more digging when I get a chance — I'm pretty sure there's a Dark Horse cookie in there somewhere.


Frank Lee Delano said...

I like Bill Sienkiewicz, but I've always loved Mark Texeira (the guy who actually did that Sabretooth mini-series.)

Maxo said...

Gah! You're absolutely right, Frank — I can't believe I mixed that up. For what it's worth, I obviously dig Texeira's work too!