Friday, January 5, 2007

Favorite Panel Friday: A job for ... wha'?!?

What's going on?!? I'll tell you what's going on - Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely continue to deliver their love letter to the Silver Age with All Star Superman #6, thickly laying on the wacky adventure with sharp spikes of poignancy and character development usually missing from that iconic time. This series is all of the fun, updated and minus the silly.

Plus, this is an issue that features a young Clark Kent, time travel, a couple of twists and turns, the above-mentioned Superman Squad and (are you ready?) Krypto the Superdog.


This panel is only one of an easy handful I could've posted, so do yourself a favor and go pick up All Star Superman and get all the Silvery-Superman goodness you're missing.

All Star Superman #6: Grant Morrison, writer; Frank Quitely, artist


L’il E said...

That Quitely sure can draw when he wants to. He must like working with Morrison, WE3 looked pretty good too. That is one gorgeous panel sir.

Maxo said...

You should see how he drew Krypto! In general, All Star Superman is some of Quitely's best work, hands-down. It's just some really gorgeous work.

Vampos Vulgar said...

Superman's chunky. Ha!

Maxo said...

Vampos!!!! We've been meaning to call you but, y'know, we're lazy. We'll do it soon, though.

Yeah, that's the thing about Quitely's art - everyone's kinda beefy or lumpy-looking. At least everyone in this title doesn't have those damned pouty lips he does. I don't think I could take a pouty Superman.